Everyone is John – Grand Theft Pizza

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This isn't pizza, it's motive with olives.In this short-but-sweet one-shot of Everyone is John, very bad ideas lead to very bad things.

Everyone is John deserves a little explanation going into this AP session. It’s an indie game in which every player is playing the same character… or at least, one of the voices in that character’s head. John has some serious psychological problems: whenever he falls asleep, gets bored, or fails at a task, his personality switches over and another player takes control. Each player is motivated by a singular obsession, assigned a point value based on its difficulty, and whoever manages to fulfill their obsession and gets the most points wins the game. But given how easy it is to lose control of John, poor John tends to be in a hurry to accomplish his mission, and that usually attracts negative attention from the local authorities, which can make even simple tasks nearly impossible to achieve.

Let’s take, for example, this video depicting a session of Everyone is John. In this game, one voice’s obsession involves consuming a particular tasty treat, but when he fails at this task, control of John is handed over to a voice with a very different obsession apparently involving unseemly acts with woodland fauna. He won’t let anything stand in the way of his mission, and proves that all of the dicks in this dick town can’t keep Johnny down.

And now you know how Everyone is John works. Enjoy.

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System: Everyone is John by Michael B. Sullivan.

Music for this episode: maSS mUTaTiOn from the album Mass Mutation by Mutantlab available at


D&D 4th Edition – FEAT – Episode 1


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Reaper77079FrontThe Free Explorers Adventuring Troupe is a collective of independent dungeon dwellers out to find fortune and glory. But there’s a war on, and the King’s men are in need of able-bodied fighters to die on the front lines. Can these freelancers stay free and avoid conscription? Will they find their fortune in the depths of the forgotten past, or would they be better off on the battlefield? Find out in this Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Actual Play campaign.

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System: Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition, by Wizards of the Coast.

Music for this episode: Disciples of Steel by Kai Engel from the album Deathless: The Renaissance, available at

Cover photo is a Reaper miniature painted by the Gibbermouth.


Eclipse Phase – The Rapture – Episode 1

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EP-Rapture-1-CoverWhen we hear about something strange down a hole somewhere in the ass-end of the solar system, we send someone in to investigate. If that person doesn’t come back, we send in a team to investigate. If that team doesn’t come back, we nuke it from orbit. We sent someone down the hole. He didn’t come back. You’re the team that’s going in after him. Welcome to Firewall.

In the Gibbermouth’s debut podcast, we follow Jovian fascist hyperelite Manuel von Pampas, Ultimate boutique weapons designer Amadea Xie, and Scum xenotranslator Ivan Azerov as their archaeological expedition in the ruins of the lunar city of Putingrad is interrupted by an urgent Firewall mission, starting out our Eclipse Phase campaign: The Rapture.

This was our first session as a group and my first session GMing in a long time, so listen as we horribly mangle the rules and I make some continuity errors on the basics of astrophysics that are so terrible that my intelligence is seriously put into question.

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System: Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios. Cosmic horror in the post-apocalyptic transhuman future. You need this game.

Special thanks to Role Playing Public Radio for their awesome Know Evil campaign and the character I stole from it.

Music for this episode: Adumbration by Kai Engel from the album Deathless: The Renaissance, available at

Cover photo by my lovely wife Marisel.